Musmuliadi Kamaruding, Mohd Syahmir Alias, Abang Mohd Razif Abang Muis, Mohammad Zulfakhairi Mokthar


The article intents to examine the hajj management from its philosophical root. It is supposed by the massive figures of hajj pilgrims assembled in Mecca during hajj season which made the hajj management became more multifaceted. In effect, the hajj management itself is not realistic if it is not based on the Islamic philosophical foundations. This article works with document research method and analysed it with content analysis method. Accordingly, the philosophy of hajj management can be expounded based on three elements. Firstly, the theory of reality which asserts monotheistic worldview (tawhid) as the pattern of hajj management. Secondly, the theory of knowledge which accentuates on Qur’an and Hadith as the authentic sources in hajj management. Thirdly, the theory of value which concerns perfection of faith (ihsan), trust (amanah), and justice (‘adl) as the essential values in hajj management. The prominence of these three philosophical elements in hajj management is essential to guarantee the management of the hajj pilgrims will be recognised as a kind of adoration to Allah and to attain His ultimate pleasure.


hajj management, applied Islamic philosophy, theory of reality, theory of knowledge, theory of value.

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